Enhance your TERRAPIN X
with a dedicated mobile app

February 15, 2018

For the first time we have a specialized mobile app for a single product. With a strong and experienced partner, we’ve taken a lot of time to develop the app to meet the needs of our customers.

Using Bluetooth you can connect the TERRAPIN X to your smartphone or tablet with a push of a button. Through our app not only will you get a detailed external display that shows all measurements including distance, EHR, angular information but you will also be able to remotely control the TERRAPIN X. This will be especially valuable for long distance measurements when the rangefinder is tripod mounted.


Besides that, the app will also expand the functionality of your TERRAPIN X:

Supported by the internal digital magnetic compass and our time-proven algorithms, the TERRAPIN X connected to the mobile app will enable Two-Point-Measurements. That means that you can not only measure the distance to a target, but you will also be able to measure the distance between two objects, such as the height of a building or the distance between two targets.

Be aware that these functions, as well as the extended warranty, will only be available after registering within the app. But be in no doubt, this will definitely be worth it.