Hornady 4DOF

TERRAPIN X now fueled by Hornady

June 05, 2020

The Hornady 4DOF (4 Degrees of Freedom) ballistic calculator determines trajectory solutions based on the projectile drag coefficient along with exact physical modeling of the projectile, its mass and aerodynamic properties. The free app version (available for Android and iOS) of the Hornady 4DOF calculator allows shooters to get highly accurate solutions even in areas lacking wireless connectivity. Since the release of the app in August 2016 its user base has grown to over 300 000 active users – a clear testament to the high quality of the Hornady 4DOF ballistic calculator.

We are excited to announce that the TERRAPIN X now connects via Bluetooth to the Hornady 4DOF app. This means that when a connection is established, the TERRAPIN X sends the measured distance, azimuth and inclination to the Hornady 4DOF app. The result is a much faster calculation of the ballistic corrections by the app, as otherwise this data would have to be manually entered by the shooter.

Just as the Hornady 4DOF app, this new functionality is free of charge for TERRAPIN X owners. In order to connect your TERRAPIN X to the Hornady 4DOF app you will only have to update your TERRAPIN X to the latest firmware version (TerPin 13.01). After having successfully updated your TERRAPIN X you will able to connect to the Hornady 4DOF app.

Detailed instructions on how to do this you will find below.

Additional information on the Hornady 4DOF ballistic calculator and the app you will on the website of Hornady (www.hornady.com).