Terrapin X Trasol Ballistic

TERRAPIN X connects to TRASOL ballistic calculator

July 15, 2020

Since the product launch it was our goal to make it possible to connect the TERRAPIN X via Bluetooth to a variety of high quality third party devices and apps. Without having to invest in new hardware, owners of the TERRAPIN X would be able to significantly enhance the functionality of their devices, simply by updating them to the latest firmware version.

We are therefore very happy to announce that the TERRAPIN X can now be connected to the TRASOL 2.0 ballistic calculator. This sophisticated iOS app, developed by renowned precision rifle manufacturer Desert Tech, is a powerful tool for long range shooters who desire first round hit accuracy to 1 500 meters and beyond. Besides delivering highly accurate ballistic solutions and a very high level of usability, TRASOL 2.0 also incorporates heads-up display (HUD) technology that uses the built-in camera and onboard sensors of the iPhone and IPad. The HUD of the TRASOL 2.0 app also allows tracking of moving targets to provide very accurate lead solutions.

When connected to the TRASOL 2.0 app, the TERRAPIN X transmits the measured distance, azimuth and inclination to the app. This increases the ease of use of TRASOL 2.0 significantly, as essential data doesn’t have to be entered manually anymore which results in accurate ballistic solutions calculated without delay.

Detailed instructions on how to update your TERRAPIN X to the latest firmware version can be found in the download section of our website. Detailed instructions on how to connect the TERRAPIN X to the TRASOL 2.0 can also be found in the download section of our website.

Further information on the TRASOL 2.0 ballistic app is available on the website of Desert Tech (www.deserttech.com).