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Terrapin X New Firmware

New firmware update for your TERRAPIN X

We are constantly working towards improving the TERRAPIN X and expanding its capabilities. This not only ...
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Recon Sniper Foundation Auction

TERRAPIN X Charity Raffles 2021

As a company whose products are widely employed by the U.S. military, we want to support the charitable work ...
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TERRAPIN X Review The Firearm Blog

TERRAPIN X tested by “The Firearm Blog”

For over a decade “The Firearm Blog” has been one of the go-to sources for news and reviews regarding ...
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Frank Galli’s “Plan X from outer Space”

We did not know that Frank Galli of Sniper’s Hide was a fan of Science Fiction B movies but his new video on...
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Terrapin X Connectivity GARMIN tactix Delta Solar

GARMIN tactix® Delta Solar Edition

The Garmin tactix® Delta Solar Edition is the most compact device with integrated Applied Ballistics Elite ...
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Terrapin X Trasol Ballistic

TRASOL ballistic calculator

Since the product launch it was our goal to make it possible to connect the TERRAPIN X via Bluetooth to a ...
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GARMIN Foretrex 701

GARMIN Foretrex® 701

The Garmin Foretrex® 701 with integrated Applied Ballistics Elite software is a rugged and durable ...
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Strelok Pro app

Strelok Pro ballistic app

We are happy to announce that the TERRAPIN X laser rangefinder now connects via Bluetooth to the Strelok Pro ...
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Hornady 4DOF

Fueled by Hornady

The Hornady 4DOF (4 Degrees of Freedom) ballistic calculator determines trajectory solutions based on the ...
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TERRAPIN X Mapping Feature

New app feature: mapping

With the implementation of Google Maps into the app, the geographic position of measured targets can now be ...
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Rifles Only

“Rifles Only”, with its state of the art training facility outside of Kingsville (Texas), is one of the ...
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Hornady Kestrel

Hornady Kestrel 5700 Ballistics Weather Meter

Kestrel Ballistics has partnered with Hornady to launch an advanced ballistics weather meter for hunters and ...
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TPNX Altus Shooting Solutions

Altus Shooting Solutions

ALTUS Shooting Solutions based in Florida have one of the finest Shooting and Training Facilities in the ...
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TPNX News New Dealer

Matoska Tactical for South Africa

With Matoska Tactical we now have an official dealer in South Africa for the TERRAPIN X. Check out ...
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Field test by Cal Zant

Check out Cal Zant’s in-depth field test of high-end compact laser rangefinders including the TERRAPIN X on ...
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Terrapin X Website Update

New website features

We have added some new sections to the TERRAPIN X website. In the FAQ section we answer ...
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TERRAPIN X Feature Clips

Feature clips

The TERRAPIN X is packed with features specifically aimed at the most demanding ...
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Long-term test by Snipers Hide

Long-term test

Big thanks to Frank Galli of “Sniper’s Hide”, who took the TERRAPIN X on a long-term test ...
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First delivery

We are proud to announce that deliveries of the TERRAPIN X have started. At the moment the first units are on ...
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First review: TERRAPIN X

The market launch of the TERRAPIN X is right around the corner and Frank Galli of “Sniper’s Hide” is the...
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exclusive distributors

New distributors

We are happy to announce the exclusive distributors for the TERRAPIN X for Canada, Europe and Australia/New ...
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Data Protection

Please renew your subscriptions to the TERRAPIN X newsletter! Due to the EU General Data Protection Regulation...
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TERRAPIN X laser rangefinder

NRA Show in Dallas, TX

Visit our team at the EuroOptic booth (booth number 9253) at the NRA Show, in Dallas, May 4th – 6th 2018 ...
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TERRAPIN X premium optics

Premium Optics

“Ultimate Range Performance” – this was the essence of our mission statement when the development ...
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TERRAPIN X on Instagram

TERRAPIN X on Instagram

In the upcoming months you will find exclusive photos from exhibitions, events, product tests and much more ...
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TERRAPIN X Remote Measuring

Remote measuring

One of the many features of the TERRAPIN X that we regard as very useful for long range shooters, is the …
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Final testing underway

At the moment our engineers are busy completing the final tests of the TERRAPIN X before the serial production...
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The TERRAPIN X was developed in Switzerland to the same high standards as our battlefield proven …
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Distributor: USA

The TERRAPIN X will be distributed in the US by Eurooptic.
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We offer completely new warranty and service concept that will meet the needs of our commercial business ...
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Scope of delivery

As you can imagine, we put special emphasis on the design of the TERRAPIN X. We did the same for the packaging...
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Applied Ballistics

We only work with the best partners in the industry. And of course, the long term partnerships that already ...
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TERRAPIN X mobile app

For the first time we have a specialized mobile app for a single product. With a strong and experienced ...
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