Connectivity: Ballistic Apps

Connectivity options second to none

Connect your TERRAPIN X via Bluetooth to the most popular ballistic apps in the industry and get to the next level of accuracy. Using distance, azimuth and elevation transmitted by the TERRAPIN X, compatible ballistic apps calculate precise firing solutions. By not having to enter this vital data manually you save time and you avoid input errors which would result in incorrect ballistic calculations and ultimately in missed shots.


Connect your TERRAPIN X to the free app version (available for Android and iOS) of the Hornady 4DOF calculator and get highly accurate ballistic solutions even in areas without wireless connection. Since the release of the app in August 2016 its user base has grown to over 300 000 active users – a clear testament to the high quality of the Hornady 4DOF ballistic calculator.


The TRASOL iOS app, developed by renowned precision rifle manufacturer Desert Tech, is a great connectivity partner for your TERRAPIN X. It is a powerful tool for long range shooters who desire first round hit accuracy to 1 500 meters and beyond. Besides providing highly accurate ballistic solutions and a very high level of usability, TRASOL also incorporates heads-up display (HUD) technology that uses the built-in camera and onboard sensors of the iPhone and iPad.


Strelok Pro delivers field-proven accuracy since 2007. Its sophisticated algorithm can calculate spin drift, Coriolis effect, gyroscopic stability factor and vertical deflection due to crosswind. Strelok Pro is updated frequently adding new cartridges, bullets and rifle scope reticles to its extensive database.

To make full use of the connectivity ecosystem of your TERRAPIN X please make sure that it is running at firmware TerPin 13.01 or later.

Unmatched Connectivity Ecosystem

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